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All of Chandika’s products are formulated and produced under the specific direction of  the renowned Ayurvedic Physician, Educator, and Award Winning Product Formulator,  Dr. Rama Kant Mishra. Vaidya Mishra was born into the ancient Shaka Vansiya Ayurveda (SVA) tradition of Ayurvedic Physicians and Scholars, which is mentioned in the ancient Vedic Texts (Puranas) and dates back to over 5,000 years  in an unbroken lineage of Ayurvedic Vaidyas ( literal meaning- One who is wise and adept in the knowledge of life).

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L-Arginine Complete with L-Arginine, L Citrulline, Resveratrol, and Astaxanthin

Age Proof Your Inner Body

Cardio Health Formula- Blood Pressure, Diabetes, Circulation, Cholesterol, Sexual Health, Energy.

Based on the  Nobel Prize winning findings of Dr. Louis Ignarro, this formula has the most beneficial blend of L-Arginine and L-Citrulline to enhance the effects of Nitric Oxide. Benefits may include increased blood vessel elasticity which helps in maintaining blood pressure and cholesterol health, and increasing circulation and vascular health, which is beneficial to sexual health, circulation, mental acuity, energy and diabetes.*

Just mix with room temperature water and enjoy first thing in the morning. May be taken again later in the day if desired. For added flavor you can mix in a small amount of juice, 1-2 ounces or to taste. My favorite is 100% pomegranate, black cherry, or blueberry juice.

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*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA.This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease.